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Good Food,

On the Go.

Lovingly grown. Sustainably produced. Wellness made simple.

Husbandry Farms is focused on creating healthy, delicious products that support your busy lifestyle. We’re working behind the scenes to establish trusted relationships with local farmers and are taste testing ingredients along the way (mmm…just a perk of the job!).


Find our food in Outlook’s Coop and AG Food Stores now!

We care about our customers and their families.

That’s why we use natural ingredients that our customers can trust.

We build relationships with producers.

Close relationships ensure that our ingredients are sustainably grown, because we know healthy land grows healthy food.

We do the right thing.

Our people, farm and manufacturing processes are built on a foundation of ethical, safe and environmentally sound decisions.

We give back.

A portion of our profits are targeted to causes that we and our customers care about.

Our Story

We’re Ryan and Alicia Husband. Our dream of Husbandry Farms began with a desire to return to the land and plant roots for our family near Outlook, SK. 

Now with our new baby in tow, we’re hungry for simple, nutritious foods that can fuel a busy life on the go, with ingredients that we can trust.

As one of our most basic needs for living a fulfilled life, food is the connection that unites our aspirations, and farming is the path.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey as we develop products we’re proud of with the mission to feed busy families across Canada. 

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